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蒙易 efreeking at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 08:14:46 PDT 2014

I had ever translated the PC-BSD handbook v9.1 into Chinese with the
OpenOffice file long time ago.
Althought the v9.2 and v10 come out, I was still can not find out where to
get the openoffice file.
Now I find out the documentation translation can be done with the wiki, but
I don't know how to get start.
I had tried to translate the main page into Chinese, but when I was saving
the translate the third entry, it just appear a notice "saving"(保存中) and
nothing done.

2013-12-30 6:29 GMT+08:00 Curt Dox <tigersharke at gmail.com>:

> Hello..
> I am wondering how everyone's experience has been with creating translated
> versions of the PC-BSD handbook through the use of the mechanisms on the
> wiki.pcbsd.org site.  I have created the templates that ease translation
> by their action of "auto-translation" which really means that page names
> that are used in links will be pulled from the translation framework to be
> displayed on localized pages- this works when at least the page name of the
> target page has been translated.
> I am certain that most translation should appear properly for
> left-to-right readers, languages such as German, French, or Ukrainian.
>  These three languages have a presence on the wiki already but I look
> forward to other languages which may cause revision to my templates if
> right-to-left does not work well with my templates.
> The table of contents data has been centralized.  Each handbook page needs
> *{{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav}}* in order to provide the navigation header.
>  This will use the translated page name except if the page name needs
> adjustment such as:
> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav|title=PC-BSD{{r}} Releases}}
> which in German becomes:
> {{UseTOC{{putVers}}|Nav|title=PC-BSD{{r}}-Veröffentlichungen}}
> The table of contents data is contained within versioned templates.
>  template:UseTOC/9.2 and template:UseTOC/10.0  Within either template the
> editor or other admin will modify the sequence of the pages or the original
> page titles. The display of the table of contents itself, is done by adding
> *{{UseTOC{{putVers}}|TOC}}* onto the PC-BSD®_Users_Handbook/9.2
> or PC-BSD®_Users_Handbook/10.0 pages beneath the title "Table of Contents".
> Translators and editors can read the style guidelines<http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/Style_guidelines>or refer to the template
> quickref<http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/PC-BSD%C2%AE_Wiki:Template_QuickRef>,
> or direct questions to me through whatever medium is easiest.  Many things
> can be translated but I will not know your difficulties if you remain
> silent.
> --Tigersharke (talk<http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/User_talk:Tigersharke>
> ) 14:28, 29 December 2013 (PST)
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