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This may be the outcome of other configurations within the wiki but afaik
it is not something that is done at the machine level and apart from (or
outside of) the wiki software.  I believe that part of the difficulty is
due to some wiki configuration which means that new files cannot be created
by any user- the user may need to have an account for a period of time or
have made a number of edits on the wiki first.  This is my current
understanding, I am not local to the machine and do not have all
permissions to do all changes but I can do many that can help the wiki.

The workaround for now is to request "fake" translation of any wiki page so
that it can be created, then you should be able to properly translate it.
User Horia should be able to assist, as can any admin or bureaucrat or
other user who has been successful with creating new (non-talk) pages or
translating without the "fake" translation workaround.

I wish you all success by what ever method allows you to reach completion.
 The wiki will continue to be improved for the purpose of translation and
editing work on the site. This includes creation or adjustment of templates
and other configuration changes by those responsible, unfortunately not all
needed modifications have been finished before v9.2 is released.



On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 9:50 PM, Francis.D <angetao at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Dru,
> Problem Wiki:
> Are you looking * permission on wiki files * ? if the permission is 0644,
> I don't think so we can do anything but with 0755 we can do modification et
> upload new text etc...
> regard
> 2013/9/30 Dru Lavigne <dru.lavigne at att.net>
>> The 9.2 Users Handbook has been "frozen" in prep for publication with the
>> 9.2 RELEASE.
>> For those of you on the German team who have been translating on the
>> wiki, please let me know when your translation is complete so that a PDF
>> can be generated.
>> For those of you on the French team who have been trying to translate on
>> the wiki, we should discuss how to finish this translation. I realize that
>> most of you have been unable to translate on the wiki and we have been
>> unable to figure out the reason why. If this team prefers to have the
>> source OpenOffice file to finish the translation, let me know.
>> For any other languages, please let me know if you are able to translate
>> using the wiki (and if so, when your translation is complete) or if you
>> prefer to have the source OpenOffice file to do the translation.
>> Cheers,
>> Dru Lavigne
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