[PC-BSD Translations] Is pootle running with full features on?

Hugh hugh.shang at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 05:05:23 PDT 2013

Hi List,

During the proof-reading and review of Simplified Chinese Translations,
I've found something confusing. Not sure if anybody here will help clarify.

1. There is a contribution stat on the bottom of every language page. Say,
for Simplified Chinese.


Suggestions                     Reviews
randylee        39      randylee        47      Hugh____        2079
linjxwell       36      foo_daemon      2       jyjen                   1154
foo_daemon      13      arzeth                  1       randylee        704
farta                   13
     fbh                     322
jyjen                   6
    linjxwell       256

After observing for sometime, I know the 'Submissions' counts are working
but 'Reviews' ones are not. I've proof-read quite some strings but got 0
count, yet.
Has been this disabled on purpose?

2. In the review tab, I can perform some sanity checks on translated
strings. Help remove unwanted newline and space "\n______________" etc. The
feature is helpful. But there are cases that the Chinese translation won't
use a sign like the original one.
Say, there is string 'Mem.'. I know it's short for 'Memory'. To translate
it to Chinese, I'd type in '内存', and there is no abbreviation way in
Chinese to also use a dot after the characters. While Pootle do have an
option to mute it as I can see there is a red cross on the right-side of
'endpunc' warning. But it doesn't function. Is there any chance to fix it?

The mentioned 'Mem.' string URL:

Those are my questions. Thanks.

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