[PC-BSD Translations] 9.1 Guide is ready to be translated

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Fri Nov 30 07:18:59 PST 2012

Hello everyone,

If you are interested in translating the 9.1 Handbook into your native language, ping me on list for the OpenOffice source file so that others can see that a translation will be occuring. Note that this document is 308 pages long.

I will be sending this file to the following people as they have already requested it. If you wish to help them out with that language, contact them directly to coordinate with them how to divide up the work of the translation (e.g. one translates, one reviews, or chapters are divvied up for translation).

Daniel Ylitalo       daniel at blodan.se       Swedish

蒙易                  efreeking at gmail.com    Chinese

Muhammadreza Haghiri haghiri75 at gmail.com    Farsi

When translating, the graphics are not included in the source file so you will not see them. Please keep the same formatting (bold, italic, code blocks, and headings) so that all translations have the same look. When you are finished the translation, send me back the translated OpenOffice file and we will convert it for you into PDF, HTML, and EPUB formats and announce their availability on the blog and our other social media sites. Please include the names of the translators so that they can be included in the Preface of that translation.

If a translated version is supported by Kindle, we can also make that version available for purchase with any proceeds going back to the PC-BSD project. 



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