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On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 3:22 PM, claive alvin Acedilla <
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> Hello, Im Claive Alvin Acedilla
> Is there a translation of PC-BSD for a language in Philippines?
> I want to help translating PC-BSD in Cebuano.
> It is a dialect not a language in central and southern Philippines but
> spoken by 25 million people.
> The dialect is not the same with the English language which is a rich
> language but I try my best and get resources to translate.
> If there is somebody also knows the Filipino language (mostly Tagalog),
> please help translate PC-BSD to the Filipino language.
> What if I am not able to translate a technical word where my dialect is
> not able to translate, what will I do?
Hello.. I wish you success with your endeavor to translate the
documentation and/or text within the OS. As for your possible challenge as
mentioned above,  I suppose you have a few options:

   1. Leave those technical word(s) untranslated.
   2. Translate those technical word(s) to the main language that the
   dialect is born from.
   3. Find others to help you who may know the dialect better or assist
   with such decisions.

Even without difficulties, I would suggest sharing the translation work
with others.. it should speed the process.
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