[PC-BSD Translations] Suggestion: PC-BSD website need more language translation

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Hello (my reply is below the quoted text as proper etiquette prescribes)

On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 12:57 PM, claive alvin Acedilla <
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> I have a suggestion that the PC-BSD need more language translations
> because the more the website is translated to another languages the more
> people will download and use PC-BSD in the world.
> If more people in the world are using PC-BSD the more people will
> contribute and more people are satisfied with PC-BSD.
> I see in http://pootle.pcbsd.org/ that most of the language translations
> of PC-BSD are almost finished.
> Maybe the translators can also help translating the PC-BSD website.
> There is a Spanish translation but we need more language translation of
> the website to attract more users.
> Keep up the good work guys!
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The Spanish translation that you discovered on the wiki is *not* complete
and is actually v8.2 documentation.  Further structure and/or software is
needed on the wiki before the wiki itself can be directly translated. The
translation to Indonesian of v8.2 and v9.0 handbook were accomplished
outside of the wiki.  Right now the wiki is used as a method of
collaborative editing which begins a transition to the handbook for the
next version right after it is published, with no permanent storage of the
published version of the wiki on the wiki site. It may be possible to
adjust our methods, the wiki software may allow for an easy way to keep
multiple versions of the handbook on the wiki but this has not been fully
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