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Gonzalo Martínez-Sanjuan Sánchez g.martinez at pcbsd.org
Tue May 1 20:46:48 PDT 2012

Hi there! :)
I used to be the admin of pcbsd.es and translated some stuff long time 
ago but im so far away from my PC-BSD work. I guess Kris or Dru could be 
the better ones to ask directly to.

El 02/05/2012 0:07, Xavier Alvelo escribió:
> Danny Henderson, pues en piesa. Álvaro, midgoon at[ gmail.com , Hico
> un documento de google publico para finalizar la traduccion de el
> manual de pcbsd, cual estamos muy tarde. Estos dias estoy muy apretado
> de tiempo para ayudar ha la tradduccion the pcbsd, y tambien my
> interes se me va hiendo. Si quires empezar con la tradduccion de la
> pagina de web, has una cuenta en http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php , Y
> as las paginas de tradduccion como spanish_pcbsd_website. Y todo lo
> que quiras traducir, puesdes hacer una pagina en el wiki, incluyendo
> cosas de el wiki y el foro.
> El hipervínculo de el manual lo perdi. Pregunatale ha Álvaro. Y de
> Gon, casi no escucho.
> ciao!
> PS
> Es my savado por fin! A limpiar my hogar, lol.
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>> Hello PC-BSD Team
>> I'd want to know if there is possibility to do a spanish version to PC-BSD
>> Web Site over an oficial domain. I'd like to cooperate with the translation
>> when changes are made to the English website.
>> I remember that, some years ago, we had a pcbsd.es website, and a foro and
>> a documentation section in spanish. I was cooperating with the oficial
>> spanish documentation then,  but this closed. Now, I think it will be
>> importat at least  a website in spanish, maybe a new domain like pcbsd.es
>>   or pcbsd.org.esor a section: pcbsd.org/es/, or a subdomain: es.pcbsd.org,
>> i dont know, but with the same template.
>> Some days ago I gave a presentation  about PC-BSD in a Latin America event.
>>   I think a lot of people is interested but the language to get more
>> information is a impediment.
>> greetings.
>> Vey Truly Yours.
>> Danny Henderson
>> Graduate in Information and Systems Engineering
>> Founder of the Latin American Community of Free Software's Bloggers
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