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Danny Henderson dsaforasc at gmail.com
Tue May 1 11:08:41 PDT 2012

Hello PC-BSD Team

I'd want to know if there is possibility to do a spanish version to PC-BSD
Web Site over an oficial domain. I'd like to cooperate with the translation
when changes are made to the English website.

I remember that, some years ago, we had a pcbsd.es website, and a foro and
a documentation section in spanish. I was cooperating with the oficial
spanish documentation then,  but this closed. Now, I think it will be
importat at least  a website in spanish, maybe a new domain like pcbsd.es
 or pcbsd.org.esor a section: pcbsd.org/es/, or a subdomain: es.pcbsd.org,
i dont know, but with the same template.

Some days ago I gave a presentation  about PC-BSD in a Latin America event.
 I think a lot of people is interested but the language to get more
information is a impediment.


Vey Truly Yours.

Danny Henderson


Graduate in Information and Systems Engineering

Founder of the Latin American Community of Free Software's Bloggers
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