[PC-BSD Translations] untranslatable words in source code

Walter Cheuk wwycheuk at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 21:38:41 PST 2012

Also when error occurs, the 'Yes', 'No' and 'Show Details...' buttons are
not translated.

2012/12/7 Walter Cheuk <wwycheuk at gmail.com>

> Hi! There are still some translation problems in RC3:
> In the 'System Selection' page:
> * 'FreeBSD Server' (one of the selection)
> * the description texts of FreeBSD Server, GNOME, LXDE, etc. They are
> translatable in pootle but the translated texts are not shown.
> * under customization, the name ('Desktops', 'Development',
> 'Hardware-Drivers', etc.) and their descriptions
> In the disk selection page:
> * 'The disk will be setup with the following configuration:' is not
> translated
> * The labels before each setting values such as 'Partition:' (and the
> 'ALL' label after the partition name such as 'ada0(ALL)', 'FileSystem:',
> 'Size:' and 'Mount:' are not translated
> * After using customization, the '< Back', 'Next >', 'Finish' and 'Cancel'
> button are not translated
> Oddly, the first and second items above become translated after
> customization
> * After customization and pressing 'Next', the Chinese characters in the
> title bar of 'Start the installation now?' dialog appear as boxes. All
> Chinese characters before that displays correctly. Also the 'Yes' and 'No'
> buttons here are not translated.
> In fact there are still some strings not translated, but I leave them for
> now since they should not leave users frustrated even not translated, and
> we can focus on the problems above first.
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