[PC-BSD Translations] Pootle issues perhaps resolved

Josh Paetzel josh at tcbug.org
Sun Nov 20 16:25:42 PST 2011

On 11/17/11 07:15, incarus6 wrote:
> Thanks for trying to fix these issues.
> I checked the German translation, as far as I can say, the following is
> still not working:
> 1. desktopschema.po is empty
> http://pootle.pcbsd.org/de/pcbsd/desktopschema.po/translate/
> 2. I can not remove the quality check / "remove quality check" button
> doesn't work
> 3. buttons "accept suggestion" and "reject suggestion" still not working

3 is a result of the app failing a CSRF check (a django thing) I'll get
this resolved shortly.

For #2, where is this button?


Josh Paetzel

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