[PC-BSD Translations] 8.2 version of Handbook is ready for translating

Rodrigo Mazak uzbirglones at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 09:59:24 PST 2011

Hi Dru. I want to translate the handbook to brazilian portuguese. Please
send me the file. If there's another pt-BR translator to the handbook please
put me in contact with him.


Favor levar em conta o meio-ambiente antes de imprimir este e-mail ^.^

2011/1/12 Dru Lavigne <drulavigne at sympatico.ca>

>  I froze the 8.2 version of the Handbook this morning, meaning it is ready
> for translations.
> Unfortunately, technical issues are still being sorted out on the wiki
> translation extension, meaning that we won't be able to use the wiki for
> translation work for the 8.2 version. We hope to have this issue fixed well
> before 9.0 release, leaving ample time to do translations of the 9.0 version
> of the handbook on the wiki.
> The master copy of the 8.2 Handbook has been formatted into an Open Office
> document. If you wish to translate the Handbook, contact me for a copy. A
> few people have already contacted me as being interested and I will email
> them a copy. If multiple people are working on a translation, they should
> coordinate with each other to determine who will translate which sections or
> who will translate and who will review.
> All translated copies should be returned to me for final formatting checks
> and to ensure that PDF and HTML versions are generated and uploaded to the
> FTP site so that they are available for download.
> Kris, is it doable to put an icon on the Desktop pointing to the
> appropriate translation of the PDF? e.g. if there is a Spanish version of
> the Handbook, could that be the version that shows on the desktop if the
> user installs the Spanish version of PC-BSD?
> Also, is it possible to add a /usr/share/doc/handbook/ or similar directory
> in 8.2 release where the PDFs of the handbook can be placed? This is similar
> to what FreeBSD does for its various translations of its handbook and FAQ.
> Cheers,
> Dru
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