[PC-BSD Translations] New pootle instance ready for testing

Josh Paetzel josh at tcbug.org
Tue Oct 5 10:18:36 PDT 2010

Hey everyone,

I have a new version of pootle and translate toolkit up.  There were some 
issues with the migration, some of the strings were mangled in the database, I 
think this is the bug that has been causing regressions in the pootle engine, 
but I'm not sure.

The new version should be quite a bit faster, and also it adds support for 
translation suggestions from google.

This is a test migration, I'll be doing the real migration this weekend unless 
people have issues with this that I can't easily fix between now and this 
weekend.  Please please don't do large translations on this instance, as it 
will be resynced from the live site this weekend and all changes will be lost.

I'm also taking suggestions for a new URL, the current one is pretty lame.  
Maybe translations.pcbsd.org?

Oh, and the test migration URL:


Looking forward to your feedback. :)


Josh Paetzel
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