[PC-BSD Translations] process question for book

Radim Kolar kolar.radim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 02:01:02 PST 2009

> - if someone adds a translated string, does pootle force it to be suggested
> and fuzzy

> - can anyone click Submit to "unfuzzy" a translated string or are there only
> a few "commiters" who have this permission?
you need to be registered with pootle for write access

> - if someone wants to edit a translated (unfuzzy) string, does the interface
> allow them to do this

> - when a new fuzzy string is created, does pootle send an automatic email
> anywhere so others know that the translation should be reviewed?
i doubt

> - is there an IRC channel where you guys tend to hang out if a new user has
> a quick question or should they just ask here?
#pcbsd on freenode

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