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Sun Apr 12 11:12:07 PDT 2009

On 12.04.2009 gjh1987a wrote:

> thank you for the patiently reply ,and i'am sorry for that.But i   
> still cann't understand,whether it is necessary to open all the mail  
>  to the public?

That's how the internet works.  Basically everything you are doing on  
the internet is logged somewhere on a webserver.  As soon as you make  
a post somewhere (for example in a public forum or on a public  
mailinglist) it is usually visable on the internet.  Meaning Google  
(or any other search engine) will index the site and you can search  
for it ...

Why are the PC-BSD mailinglists "open/public"?  Because this is Open  
Source.  And we believe in openess of all kind.  Therefore also in  
making PC-BSD related discussions available to the public.  "The  
public" also including people not subscribed to our mailinglists.

Best regards.


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