[PC-BSD Translations] Updated files for translation

山城潤 yamajun1981 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 08:46:56 PST 2008

Hello lists.
Sorry, for too late reply.

2008/1/12, Fabrizio Parrella <fabrizio at bibivu.com>:
> question about the translation
> I was translating the italian file, and I was wondering how the shortcut
> should be translated, I.E.:
> CANCEL (ALT+C), in Italian is ANNULLA (ALT+A)
> should I translate but leave the shortcut ALT+C, or should I translate the
> shortcut to ALT+A and the program will know of the difference?

In Japanese translation for KDE or Windows,  use this format:

   [translated words](&[shortcut character for English version])

Example, translate "Cancel" to Japanese

"Kyanseru(&C)" (*)

* Of course, "Kyanseru" written in Japanese character in real translation.

see this screenshots

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