[PC-BSD Translations] Nitpicks in the French translation + more

Renaud Métrich renaud.metrich at laposte.net
Mon Nov 26 12:34:37 PST 2007


I'm new to PCBSD and would like to help you translate it into the french 
language. I searched a bit through pcbsd.org but didn't find any process 
describing how one could help. So here are my findings:

During the PCBSD Setup, I noticed some issues:

- when selecting a keyboard layout (say FR, but probably also for other 
layouts), the setup doesn't change on-the-fly the keyboard, thus 
keyboard remains in "EN" mode, and this makes it difficult/annoying for 
non-EN-keyboard-aware users to enter user names and specially passwords.

- some words are mispelled: "Personaliser" instead of "Personnaliser" 
and "clicant" instead of "cliquant"

I browsed quickly the SVN repository but didn't find any translation 
file that I could check for spelling errors. Any clue?

After booting KDE, I found a lot of mispell errors but I suppose I 
should address them to the KDE translation teams instead of PCBSD, 
shouldn't I?

How could I contribute to more translations? Is there some dedicated 
process and tools to help?



Thawte Notary - www.thawte.com
CAcert Assurer - www.cacert.org
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