[PC-BSD Translations] Translation projects for Qucik Guide and PCBSD books

Ahmad Arafat Abdullah trunasuci at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 21:17:49 PST 2007

Dear Kris, Charles and docs + Translations teams,

I've come with this idea this morning when I'm searching for the NetBSD
Actually there is huge demand on books and documentation in my native lang (
Malay ),
but no one has doing it instead of  HOW-TO's ( I'm doing it ) and some LINUX
books translated
from taiwan (not good enough). So here I like to suggest:

1- Translated the PCBSD Quick Guide http://docs.pcbsd.org/guide/ page since
after this I'll do massive
promotion to education and govt sector thru exhibition, fair and other local
media, so possibly i need to print it
and give it to them, and also can give them links to refer incase they need
some reference.

2- If there any plans to make a simple yet easy_to_understand @ friendly
PCBSD books? I like to contribute
on translate it and publish it here, pro-printed form.

So other lang translations team, any comments about this? Hope all of u
agreed with me


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