[PC-BSD Translations] Duplicate entries in translation files

Piotr "Derbeth" Kubowicz derbeth at wp.pl
Fri Aug 31 13:14:22 PDT 2007

The are many duplicated entries in translated files. I'm not talking not only about cross-file duplicates, but there are messages within single files, which say much the same. Example? PCInstall#198 and PCInstall#227 - talking about the license of PC-BSD twice.  Another case is when you have to translate "Yes" and "No" many times in a single file. It's really obsolete.

If the developers are reading this list: is it possible to reuse translated strings? This would shorten work of translators. With cases like PCInstall#198 vs. PCInstall#227 - I think the reason is that one of these strings is outdated and kept without a reason. Perhaps developers should check, which strings do they need and which are not useful any more - and remove them from translation files. It's not easy to keep the translation consistent when you have to repeat the same messages on and on.

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