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Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 17:23:03 PDT 2007

Hello friends,


I see we have some progress n setting up Pootle. I have logged in and it is
now finally possible to submit translations!



I still have some questions though:


- Will the changes made in Pootle be directly applied to our svn server?

This is what I’d expect if we want to automate processes.


- If changes will be directly applied, will we have more than one account

In order to make sure only the people in charge of a specific translation
can control its quality; some kind of Quality control/responsibility
mechanism has to be in place.


- Can we start by using the already existing translation files when creating
the new Pootle translation files? 

I am here since the beginning and have translated all of PC-BSD about three
times. I believe it would be nice (and wise) not to waste translator’s time
by saving all previous work. People have their lives and taking some time in
the process of using all previous work is surely better than waiting weeks,
maybe months for the translations to get to the current level of





Renato Flórido 

Portuguese PC-BSD (and DesktopBSD) Translator





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