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#1141: Made Beautiful Cuts On Your body
 Reporter:  palakholay            |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect         |     Status:  new
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Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  9.0-RELEASE
 Keywords:  Nitro Focus NO3       |
 Bodybuilders use weights and machines and that look like relics of the
 spanishinquisition and creams and pills and diet supplements all the
 equipment for the right balance of food and torture that promises to
 transform your firm on ninety-seven uh... weekly into an Arnold
 Schwarzenegger but there's another substance than hell spirits have taken
 uh... eh the names ten weeks before competition it's not a healthy thing
 to do it but the it’s being used the deglitch detected cooked and
 uh...build the competition at either nine weeks before competition and
 that it was something that everybody had to do in order to get an equal
 chance you know to compete what it was leaking when u texture for what the
 defected should have used to be makes you uh... gained more weight did you
 get more mister European to get uh... it looks a little bit goes on your
 mind in few good lifts you up a little bit and you have more energy to
 train and so on the men who feel the crew on the biggest winners in
 bodybuilder and strange characters agape it would seem that there are as
 many promoters of bodybuilding as there are participants what I updated
 you have a lot of strange characters around this
 [http://mensfitnessdiet.com/ Nitro Focus NO3] business but to promote the
 something like that that is that uh... young it takes a lot of different
 view would-be promoted to the proper way Arnold won't say how much money
 he makes promoting bodybuilding he doesn't want to cause any ill feeling
 but he's become a small conglomerate himself through body going to do a
 lot of things that I mean I got into the film said that the three films so
 far and one television ah... I have uh... very successful mail-order
 business and uh... promoting bodybuilding competitions and uh... now
 working on the second poke and on and on and off Arnold Schwarzenegger as
 a contented soul is one of those stories that is not supposed to have a
 happy ending the big strapping kid pulled out of the austrian hinterland
 is supposed to throw it all away to the promoters of a couple of loses and
 end up a hopeless case on skid row that's health action would have is
 happy as a clam strong as a horse and if you find a body building a funny
 thing for a grown-up intelligent man to be doing well so those.

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