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#1131: Burns layer of fats from my body
 Reporter:  stevenpark              |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect           |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major                   |  Milestone:
Component:  System Configuration    |    Version:  9.0-RELEASE
 Keywords:  Garcinia Cambogia Plus  |
 The lower right there then absolutely beautiful hit an all-star now is
 gorgeous I'm going to reach into this beautiful wonderful hot chicken stop
 that we have oh yeah I like a little bit more going to bring this up an
 agreement yen all year absolutely beautiful I'm going to turn the fire up
 on this after every time Stern you know everything all in their beautiful
 mom the turn up now all the other comparable doing today are French fries
 everybody loves French fries you don't love print by the apt love them but
 I love sweet difference right and I'll the regular French fry so today of
 course because I love sweet potato fries going to have to do some sleep
 ride and you know to do this I'm going to call my friend Ranger Joe who I
 know is lurking somewhere in the woods behind me ready to come out do we
 need to have done you will see right here we have these beautiful prize
 already cut season everything ready for the Ron with these beautiful but
 net cut lumber another extra long nets by choice not by design is anything
 wrong with me wanting [http://garciniacambogiaplusadvice.com/ garcinia
 cambogia plus] my friend like that absolutely nothing wrong with you up
 that  make America better I really do Idol I don't eat as many other are
 we going even medium we have a corn chowder now he's going to simply place
 tie in the that prize in the prior all some sweet potato fries and some
 other regular price: while he's doing that on and with well to my favorite
 then I enjoy Moonrise now we have some hot sauce and ketchup and I have
 too many when I'm going to dorsal simple Economic symbol most people love
 catch up on the prize about you look it up on you I love to catch up I
 think this is like another full were here for my kids go I'll a bottle
 decides is probably enough about to at one sitting fries and chicken beans
 alright beautiful one way I got my Kia to stop eating all the catch up
 that made it so I love it up with some Texas Pete hot sauce my picture now
 usually only do this when I'm shrimp know we've known about the fried
 shrimp detects the hot topic just a little more I now that that almost
 keep right there that’s almost cute bro on the New Year Bolivian yes the
 all this together night beautiful.

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