[Trac-bugs] [PC-BSD Trac] #1091: libgncmod-ledger-core.so" not found, required by "gnucash"

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Wed May 21 07:38:01 PDT 2014

#1091: libgncmod-ledger-core.so" not found, required by "gnucash"
  Reporter:  gour                        |      Owner:
      Type:  Package Issue - Production  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major                       |  Milestone:
 Component:  System Configuration        |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
Resolution:                              |   Keywords:

Comment (by gour):

 > Can you try grabbing the newest version 2.6.3 through packages? It
 includes some fixes for xorg as well as some other minor fixes.

 Unfortunately, in the meantime I moved back to Linux (Debian) due to
 overheating problems and can't test it not having PC-BSD installation any


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