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Component:  XOrg Configurator           |    Version:  10-STABLE
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 It was requested that I share the difficulty I have had getting PC-BSD to
 boot into the GUI.

 Here are the basic specs of the setup I am using

 i5 Intel  (internal GPU disable in BIOS)
 Z77 Chipset
 NVIDIA GTX 660 (primary in PCI:1:0:0
 NVIDIA GTX 650 (secondary in PCI:6:0:0)

 I will go through the options I choose and what happens when I choose

 -Regular graphic install
    *All goes well until it tries to configure "X' for the install. It
 creates an endless series of xorg config failures and will not let me
 break out of it ctrl+alt+f1 f2 etc ---- doesn't work--- all I can do is
 hit the 'hard reset' button on my PC

 -VESA install
    *All goes well until it tries to configure "X" for the install. It
 begins a loop of configuration failures but unlike before this loop of
 configuration failures eventually ends and gives me a message to manually
 configure my xorg.conf and use the startx command to enter the installer
 GUI. This was progress in some ways and being familiar with FreeBSD I felt
 confident I could edit the config file. I also checked the log file for
 errors and unsurprisingly found a typical error when using multiple GPU's
 which is that no screen is found-- in addition the error log said that it
 could not load the VESA driver for my hardware ---

 so I went into the Xorg.conf file and changed the driver from 'Vesa' to
 'nvidia' and added the BusID line for my main GPU--
 Even without changing monitor settings or anything else after typing
 startx - I was in the installer GUI at the right resolution.
 It was at this point I felt I had worked around the issue--

 but I hadn't

 The real crux of this problem/bug is during the next boot after
 installation when it tries to run the display wizard. It again gets caught
 in an endless loop of configuration fails that does not end. I can break
 out of 'X' in this situation though --- when looking at my xorg.conf file,
 it appears on reboot that it is not using the one created for installation
 but rather defaults back to the generic vesa driver -- this is, I assume,
 because it 'remembers' that during the initial install I chose 'vesa' and
 is using that xorg.conf ----as if any changes I make to xorg during
 install are immediately erased- despite the fact that the NVIDIA drivers
 were installed and are being loaded in the kernel

 so I use the command to stop GDM  (which actually doesn't seem to stop the
 display wizard) and edit the xorg.conf with the nvidia driver----

 I save the changes--- sometimes, since the display wizard is still running
 it seems to see the changes and start to display the GUI but flashes on
 and off in an endless loop that  I cannot break out of.

 I am sort of at loss at what to do next --- I have gotten as far as
 getting it to start to display the GUI on reboot after fiddling with
 xorg.conf but it just blinks and flashes. But those changes in the
 xorg.conf file allowed me to enter the install GUI no problem -- I don't
 understand the relationship between my ability to bring up the GUI
 installer and my inability to reboot into the GUI.
 I also am somewhat handcuffed by the install process of PCBSD since I have
 not created a root user and thus have no real root authority it seems-- In
 essence I am lost in the gap between install and system configuration. I
 know I can generate an xorg.conf that works since I can 'force' my way
 into the installer -- but I cannot seem to get it past that point --
 booting into single use I cannot get the file system to be rw---

 The stop GDM, start GDM commands and manual editing of xorg.conf after
 install is not working --

 it seems that neither the open source NV driver nor the vesa driver works
 with this hardware- only the closed-source nvidia driver.

 I have a fully operating FreeBSD 10.0 system with KDE, compiz, etc--
 what made that installation easier was that I was in control of starting
 or not starting 'X' and I had true root authority.

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