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#1169: Yacon Root Max is the safest weight losing formula
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 So that is huge for me because you don't start defending age when you're
 thirty when are you need a star way back when you ‘rein those years gets
 redeveloping and it's really important best thing I can tell you it's
 worth get sunscreen washer base and get product quality products that have
 been clinically tested their backs them proved and that's why am I okay I
 feel comfortable with this still this is though uh reshow age depends how
 will I know when I'm using they haven't acme line he has special skins
 dams for your eyes which I haven't even used that's why I'm pretty
 impressed I after said hey every stock I sit here any longer high I wanted
 you are you on it on the amount opinion the only headlines is the creams
 that [http://myslimquickfacts.com/ Yacon Root Max] they give you the
 Uncommitted a cream they stay to avoid the eye area and unlike I really
 want to focus on my underneath my eyes and my eye you know this area
 because they feel like that's where I my lot and nice man shows and
 getting those fine lines and wrinkles and you know makeup is one to settle
 and dryer skid cracked skin so and then please do you have to say all men
 are sprouting we can keep it in stock but yes we have one so I was really
 thrilled to hear that an extended to a follow up video on their skin their
 eyes here but other than I have really it love to everything that they've
 given me it's Avery simple and I'm group for my heart step that I actually
 look forward to doing I'm treated as outgo left my keys at UN following
 and I can’t read out loud you know crack is good you can tell a difference
 with it one use literally I used it one night like what is trying out for
 a week or two weeks see I feel for all your view on I can just jump into
 something without now realizing how my skin reacts to sometime just get
 has to go through that phase at work accommodating.

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