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#1154: All compounds are made Androx compounds with potent nature
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     Type:  System Defect         |     Status:  new
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Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  9.0-RELEASE
 Keywords:  Androx                |
 Make friendsat those things II you are always always always alwaysworth a
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 first started my journey I had amoment where I felt like Chi really be
 smart car really be a decent looking these are looking and then really
 have a fit body as wellI think government how that you try to be all these
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 like only knew she was weights but we only know she's really smart weonly
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 that be it so if you can you canbe smart you can be that nerd any biology
 majorsnearly nerdy biology majors the computer science alright yes if
 you're female and you don't youlike to read books you like really really
 smart that's and you can have a fit body as well dole ever Abdul ever let
 anyone so thatyou can that some people tried to some peoplelook at me now
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 and it is a min make me so mad he makes me work that much harder to
 proveto them that can be anything I wanna be anythingI wanna be as the
 myth that who and they're my lasttwo fitness is a lifestyle but it
 [http://androxbrazils.com/ Androx] is not your life fitness is a lifestyle
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 I have done so in a couple weeks ago andI ate something I normally eat
 everything morning aches ever whatever reason that one morningthat were
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 while I've got that thick but I did and at that point I realizethat I was
 china tea something as the unrealistic when you're in fitness you see a
 lot ofeat this but don't drink this do this do this anddon't do that and
 you get caught a lot of it.

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