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#1328: 642 813 exams The next six our section
 Reporter:  manjammehta           |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect         |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major                 |  Milestone:
Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  10.1-RELEASE
 Keywords:  642-813               |
 A website copy placeman the website now D crib the passwords for you but
 it's allot better than to somebody Bill Maher open up your prompt and
 seeing all the passwords something else I might do to the router just in
 case I walk away from the router and for whatever reason I'm gone I don't
 come back and I leave this setup available so anyone that walks in the
 server room or other actor router is a cinnamon closets will be able to
 have access to the device so whatever method I'm using to connect to the
 device I would like you to log me out kind alike a screensaver with the
 password lock on it logs me out after a certain period of time been I dot
 sup what I can do as for each method up access I can put a timeout first
 method have access line console 0 the command is exec dash time out so
 exact last time out and then it goes minutes and seconds so the time
 [http://642-813dump.com/ 642-813] in minutes psycho 10 minutes and then I
 can specify time in seconds or I could hit character turning in their so
 exact time out 10 space 0 means 10 minutes 0 seconds going to lock me up
 do not do this exact time out spaces aerospace 10because after 10 seconds
 a bean idle on your keyboard going to go-ahead and pick you up ice to do
 this to my stint as quite abet said the exact time out to like five
 seconds was really funny until 17 got so mad he started screaming at me
 I'm so again be careful can be frustrating if you set this 22 low number I
 have seen people set into 0 space wine accidentally and so if your idle
 for a second on the keyboardist going to kick you out get it done properly
 very helpful exact time out 10 meaning 10 minutes I can get a line
 auxiliaries are also fun connected and or dial than and I'm idle for 10
 minutes I can go and get checked out lines BT y this way no matter what
 method have access people are using after I’d on the keyboard for a
 certain period of time it’s going to kick him out that's important that
 way somebody walks along might have gone to the bathroom for an extended
 period of time somebody walks along behind.

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