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#1326: 642 813 exams When switches forward traffic
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     Type:  System Defect         |     Status:  new
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Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  10.1-RELEASE
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 The same subnet I'm on so it's going to do are our apps out sky replies in
 the archives and Mac address and they can communicate what happens when
 this guy over here wants to paying writer 12 1002 now his healing I type
 in paint well 1002and he does the comparison thing is OK 1210 0 till pairs
 at seven mask ok meals well you're on Summit 12 dot 10 does 0 to 0 my son
 that is 12 doubt one does 0 to 0 that means I've got to go to my router to
 get there so that's a big thing right [http://642-813dump.com/ 642-813]
 there whether the routers emailed communicator room locally or remotely he
 recognizes that the subnet is not local to his these on 12 /1 this
 goes1210 the only thing he needs to do is are his gateway so instead of
 getting the Mac addressor this machine right here is going to get the Mac
 address for his default gateway which might be a one egos are gets as
 gateways address the Gateway sends in his Mac Address he sent the package
 through the switch to the default gateway default gateway takes it from
 there angers a loss and it over to this router not router takes from there
 and sends it to this machine so it's very important that we have 7a.m. to
 make more efficient use over IP addresses as well as to allow the
 computers to communicate if we didn't have seven hits we have to have a
 lot more network addresses to build address everyone at these individual
 broadcast domains let's take a look at the process upsubnetting I clean up
 the slide yet again son our don’t take a look ask summits we've got 17 at
 their one broadcast a main 3 for the see if I can get it right this time
 is 11 a.m. 6 7 a 9 10 and 11 now we want to address it we're going tube
 using the net the 12 network address slash a now it's important to know
 couple of things jump back you're ok work it's important to understand
 what class a IP address this is this is a class a IP address so let's take
 a look at couple these things before we go in and submit this out brought
 up the slider a quick network class boundaries and this is just something
 that you half to know if it's a Class.

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