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#1243: Review Of Ht-1650 Massage Chair By Interactive Health
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Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  10.1-RELEASE
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 The HT-1650 massage chair is the newest and, in my opinion, the nicest and
 most luxurious massage recliner that Interactive Health has yet
 manufactured. With the HT-1650 massage chair, Interactive Health has
 blended beauty with technology. This is truly the His & Hers" in one, to
 end all compromising. Many different preferences can
 [http://superiortestxfacts.com/ Superior Test X] all agree on the value
 and quality of this chair. No other chair appears as sophisticated and
 diverse to fit into any home, with any style of dcor. From elegance to
 modest taste, this chair pleases every setting.With its luxurious premium
 leather, the quality of the fabric alone makes this chair one that you can
 melt away in. You can get cozy in it's top-grain, double stitched, Aniline
 dyed leather, and make yourself at home resting comfortably as the memory
 foam cushion softens, making it irresistibly tempting to spend your entire
 weekend lounging deep in relaxation.But if that isn't reason enough to
 drool over this chair, brace yourself for all the '''Superior Test X'''
 benefits that lay inside, as your personal in-house masseuse.This chair
 boasts of triple motors, with quad rollers that can be enhanced with air
 technology to customize the level of intensity to your personal preference
 and tolerance. So you get the best of both worlds of air and rollers. Step
 it up a notch in your relaxation by turning on the infrared heat in your
 low back. Unlike regular heat coils that can become too hot and
 uncomfortable after only a few minutes, the infrared heating unit works
 with your body's inner temperature, delivering a natural heat that you can
 enjoy through the entire massage session. So you can maximize your massage
 therapy by adding heat therapy, and kiss those sore muscles
 goodbye!Rollers in the calves and feet work the acupressure points and
 stress triggers that contribute to fatigued legs and feet, and will help
 improve circulation working out all of that tension, bringing back energy
 and rejuvenation. http://superiortestxfacts.com/

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