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#1210: On this week's episode of large
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 The framework and then worry about the final touches you made your see you
 next time was shaking everyone's been here and here with me and Mahler all
 the way from the UK 21 years of age and I he's making a big splash in the
 business model industry decide year and I planning with UK's best and I'm
 got bored broke hearts on me and welcome to the show these guys I'm for
 those who don't know Liam is travel all the way from the UK Canada he's
 actually here in Connecticut this weekend cheer me on my show and on means
 got a really interesting story to tell about the interesting situation
 you're putting at your job you’re given an opportunity a lotto guys may
 have not gone the route the job done know guys arms work in 95 office job
 Telekom’s us it's about jobs for me shot while his wife to always
 interested [http://trueelitetest360.com/ Elite Test 360] in Venice and it
 just so happens that they were often redundancy payments store became ill
 about money took a been in contact with friends beentalkin I just took
 action guys are so many things but complains that the equipment job work
 Canada sporting events member pensioners byFlavia came out here
 Connecticut ways in guys new fitness model guys push is going on your
 chest of urns not adjacent up in the UK to hear this mister going to take
 action gather here and this is me mixing up the suspense comments 0 on
 feel blessed to be here and three-year the state you've got a lot of info
 about to deliver here this is going to get really heavy really insightful
 on selenium obviously lot a risk involved what you did to 21 you left your
 job Tom.

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