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#1209: I noticed Mexico I noticed that up
 Reporter:  kaloovmaheen          |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect         |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major                 |  Milestone:
Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  10.1-RELEASE
 Keywords:  Slimming Garcinia     |
 The air but I have with me bricks Brian right here yeah right here it’s a
 very intense lining %uh black resistance band and I'm going to go to store
 I got to go still guys for a minute cut I'm going to get into this for
 real Joker and Lonnie maybe the you know there there's all your friends
 are listening I'm going to get right on the grout line can run around here
 village a couple Rob local company funny get on their break share because
 fitness lot I believe it or not they were filming this thing right now
 I'mgonna send you the video what is also the guy get ready like lain I'm
 getting my sleeves up here and get my sleeves upend all we're going to do
 some bicep curls can you roll me right through up of fitness while you
 workout routine I'm going to try to stick with you I'm going to try cannot
 be [http://trueelitetest360.com/ Elite Test 360] downloaded took okay wee-
 wee okay I don't have a very good imagination let's begin with that ok oh
 you've got big big black man I got it done right black pants this says
 Gold's Gym on its roof Islamic its intense for tonight sensor you are you
 just leaves rolled up held up year old I shirts like your shirt on my
 shorts on your check take it off check in again a t-shirt you should take
 off your shirt 2009 hang on is a few training with me male female whatever
 you take your shirt off that's just the way it works OK alike as an old
 guy fitness lain I'll tell you we're filming this of Wow well I'll let's
 go put it all back okay intensity okay from up Tony see from Occupy so now
 take a black van I want you to step on it step on one end game 7 okay put
 the other end calm I want you to put it around the top of the head okay so
 you've got a nice thank you got a nice tension between the feet and head

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