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#895: Fine grained life-preserver
  Reporter:  yggdrasil        |      Owner:  kris
      Type:  Feature Request  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  minor            |  Milestone:
 Component:  Life Preserver   |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
Resolution:                   |   Keywords:
Changes (by kenmoore):

 * owner:  kenmoore => kris


 The GUI already allows for distinct snapshot settings for different pools.
 Reading through his forum request a bit more carefully, it looks like he
 is backing up one pool into a subset of the other pool ("midgard" and
 "nas" pools, but "midgard" gets regularly copied to "nas/backups/midgard")
 and the auto-snapshot of "nas/backups/midgard" is what is causing the

 So it almost sounds like he wants individual auto-snapshot control not
 just of the zpools (which he can already do), but particular datasets
 within the zpool. So basically we would have to change lpreserver to allow
 snapshot restrictions for particular datasets within the managed zpool
 snapshot schedule (maybe just a simple "off" flag for particular datasets
 in the pool).

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