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Fri Feb 14 10:32:16 PST 2014

#1035: Make installer able to reuse existing ZFS pools
 Reporter:  yggdrasil        |      Owner:  kris
     Type:  Feature Request  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor            |  Milestone:
Component:  Installer        |    Version:  10.1-RELEASE
 Keywords:  zfs zpool reuse  |
 since the upgrade from 9.2 to 10.0 didn't work out for me, I'd like to
 reinstall my system from scratch. Under the old unix partitioning schemes
 I was able to tell the installers not to touch my /home-partition, install
 the system, and then simply mount my old /home under the new OS.

 I wasn't able to reproduce such a procedure using the pc-bsd installer in
 expert mode. What I'd like is an option to reuse an existing ZFS pool, and
 to tell the installer to leave certain datasets within this pool (e.g.
 /usr/home and all subdatasets) untouched. This way it's unnecessary to
 play back the home directory from backups and one can just install over
 the old installation without hassle, like it was possible to do with
 classic filesystem structures.

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