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#989: Keyboard layout switching is broken
  Reporter:  yurkis         |      Owner:  ken
      Type:  System Defect  |     Status:  reopened
  Priority:  major          |  Milestone:
 Component:  Misc           |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
Resolution:                 |   Keywords:

Comment (by kenmoore):

 Could you check a couple things for me regarding IBUS on your system?
 1) Are your packages up-to-date (specifically regarding pcbsd-utils-qt4
 for some PCDM fixes)?
 2) Set the "Force IBUS Input" option in the system manager and then
 restart to test:
   2-A) Are the QT_IM_MODULE and XMODIFIERS environment variables set in
 your DE session, and to what?
   2-B) Are the GTK_IM_MODULE and GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE environment variables
 also set?
   2-C) Do you see any other IBUS environment variables in your session
 that PCDM might be able to automatically set on login so that there is a
 cleaner transition from one to the other?

 3) Is the IBUS keyboard shortcut limitations specific to PC-BSD, or is
 that just the way that IBUS is setup in general?

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