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#1034: Chromium 32.0.1700.107 Seg Fault
 Reporter:  na.weber           |      Owner:
     Type:  PBI Packaging Bug  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor              |  Milestone:
Component:  PBI System         |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
 Keywords:  chromium pbi       |

 The most recent Chromium PBI (v. 32.0.1700.107) is seg faulting on my
 10.0-RELEASE system.  Chromium appears to start, but will crash about 2
 seconds after my home screen appears.  Here is the output created during
 after Chromium attempts to start:

 [user at system] ~% chrome
 Gkr-Message: secret service operation failed: The name
 org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files
 [57145:276849664:0214/215026:ERROR:profile_sync_service.cc(1200)] History
 Delete Directives datatype error was encountered: Delete directives not
 supported with encryption.
 PostClientToServerMessage() failed during GetUpdates
 [57148:276852736:0214/215027:ERROR:ipc_channel_posix.cc(478)] pipe error
 on 3 Currently writing message of size: 28: Socket is not connected
 Segmentation fault

 It should be noted that the previous Chromium PBI (v.31 I believe) worked
 with no issues on the same 10.0-RELEASE system.

 Thank you for the assistance, please let me know if any additional
 information is needed.


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