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#1023: PC-BSD Update Center got confused from applying updates
 Reporter:  gef_f          |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major          |  Milestone:
Component:  System Tool    |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
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 PC-BSD Update Center was used to update Firefox installed from AppCafe.
 The following steps happened:
 1. The update process started normally by downloading the update.
 2. It was printed that the update is going to be applied.
 3. The update claimed it ended in error.
 5. Re-trying to update ends in same error.
 4. However, the Firefox did get updated by it's own version number. From
 26 to 27.
 5. PC-BSD Update Center claims the system is fully updated. There were
 other updates too, that were not even started to be applied.

 Next, the AppCafe is informing of another update now to Thunderbird. This
 same update seems to be available from PC-BSD update center. So trying to
 apply the update from PC-BSD Update Center

 Following things happen:
 1. PC-BSD Update Center now again, sees the update.
 2. Attempt to apply the update to thunderbird ends in error: "Can't find
 installed pbi (firefox-26.0,1-amd64)

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