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#964: Control Panel/Network Configuration - serious issues!
  Reporter:  geostar          |      Owner:  kenmoore
      Type:  System Defect    |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  critical         |  Milestone:
 Component:  Network Manager  |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
Resolution:                   |   Keywords:  networking lan

Comment (by geostar):

 This is my third and last attempt in trying to debug or resolve issues
 related to the Ethernet and network configuration in my system, while
 testing the PCBSD10-RELEASE-p5*.iso. Despite your help and my best
 efforts, I cannot do anything to fix the network configuration and lack of
 network connectivity.

 I'm not a *BSD hacker, script coder or CL programmer, but I do use common
 sense and practical approach when certain issues arise in computer
 systems-hardware or software. I don't know what was changed or updated
 (other than release dates), in PCBSD10-STABLE vs. PCBS10-RELEASE, that
 made "STABLE" work and the "RELEASE" not, regarding network configuration.
 I can only guess that there maybe some IRQ/DMA conflict(s), due to changes
 in hardware drivers, that prevent my Ethernet(s) to function correctly in
 PCBSD10-RELEASE-p5. So, here is my last feedback with attachments that
 indicate what I did and what it is - "as is". In net-conf.zp attachment.

 I did not see any unusual or error messages, during configuration, in pc-
 netmanager console's output, while using the utility, as follow:

 1) After two tries, I was finally able to enter/change Custom DNS and
 Gateway IP(s) with Network Manager and the content was updated in:
 /etc/resolv.conf - updated with the new DNS IP(s)
 /etc/rc.conf - update with new "defaultrouter" IP
 (msk0 and msk1 had "DHCP" settings in etc/rc.conf (default from initial
 install - each had assigned dynammic IP, verified with "ifconfig")

 The pc-netmanager console provided the following output, after updates of
 GW/IP and DNS/IP: - (Locale: "en")

 When I was done entering/changing (valid) DNS/IP(s) or GW/IP(s), in
 Network Manager window, I was also testing all with ping to my router and
 FQDNS hosts. In each case, even when I was able to ping my router, I was
 unable to resolve the hosts (no DNS), despite the fact that there were
 valid DNS IP entries in /etc/resolv.conf, and "defaultrouter" -  in

 While doing the above, I also noticed that the msk1 was loosing

 2) Next, I tried several times, but was unable to update/change my msk0 or
 msk1 interface's IP number(s), because the GUI "msk configuration" input
 window would freeze and hang, after I pressed "OK" or "Apply" button. I
 waited a minute or so, and then I did Ctrl-C, in pc-netmanager console, to
 end the session. There wasn't any output message in pc-netmanager's
 console and nothing got updated in /etc/rc.conf.

 Later, I copied /etc/rc.conf.old to /etc/rc.conf and rebooted the system.
 I tried again with pc-netmanager (msk1 and mask0) configuration with
 static LAN IP(s). This time it worked - /etc/rc.conf got updated with
 static IP(s). But again, no network connectivity!

 This is when I decided to give-up :)

 --------------------------  Cut Here -------------------------------

 Replying to [comment:9 kenmoore]:
 > OK, I have been doing a bunch of checks on this, but I am still unable
 to reproduce your bugs.
 > Try this (one step at a time) and report what happens please:
 > 1) Open a console and run (as user) "sudo cp /etc/rc.conf
 /etc/rc.conf.old. Give your user password when prompted. This just makes a
 copy of your current configuration for comparison later.
 > 2)Run "sudo pc-netmanager" (also as user). This will start up the
 network manager the exact same way the PC-BSD Control Panel does, but also
 let you see some debugging information in the console.
 > 3) Make a few changes in the main network config UI -> Network
 Configuration tab, (such as putting in a custom gateway, change hostname,
 or enable ipv6 support with custom gateway) then click the "Save" button
 at the bottom.
 > 4) After saving your changes, you should see a little window pop-up
 saying that it is restarting the network (the text changes depending on
 which step of the restart operation it is on).
 > 5) Close the network manager, and see if there is any strange debugging
 output in the console.
 > 6) Run "diff /etc/rc.conf /etc/rc.conf.old" to see any changes to your
 configuration (it should match the changes you saved within the GUI).
 > 7) Re-run steps 3->6 but this time make/save your changes within the
 device configuration sub-GUI fro your particular device (assign static IP
 or IPv6 address in this case, since that will make changes to rc.conf).
 > I am not looking for whether your configuration settings are correct (in
 that you have an active internet connection afterwards), but simply
 whether the utility is making the appropriate changes to your
 configuration file at the moment.

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