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#989: Keyboard layout switching is broken
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      Type:  System Defect  |     Status:  new
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 Component:  Misc           |    Version:  10.0-RELEASE
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Comment (by kenmoore):

 There are three utilities vying for keyboard layout control when you are
 using KDE.
 1) Initial system settings as set by PCDM.
 2) KDE Keyboard Daemon
 3) IBUS
 (GNOME/Cinnamon/MATE have a different number 2, and XFCE does not have a
 number 2 from what I can tell)

 For a fresh 10.0 installation, 2 & 3 should be disabled by default (except
 3 is auto-started for a short list of particular locales). If you did an
 upgrade from 9.2, you might need to go into the KDE startup services and
 disable 2 & 3 manually. I am not sure which of 2 & 3 gets priority, so you
 might need to manually disable 3 from starting up to ensure that 2 is the
 controlling service if necessary.

 Which locale are you using on your system too? You should be able to check
 the "LANG" or "LC_ALL" environment variables to get the locale code. That
 should help narrow down whether the "/usr/local/share/pcbsd/xstartup
 /enable-ibus.sh" script is detecting one of the special locales for auto-
 starting IBUS.

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