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#783: could boot environments exclude virtualbox?
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Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  9.2-RELEASE
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 I've been noticing that boot environments will result in multiple
 instances of virtualbox profiles. In other words if I create a VM in a
 snapshot called gnome3 that VM will be gone when I boot into a snapshot
 called xfce. After looking into it I see that virtualbox data is being
 placed under /root instead of my user. Which kind of makes sense I think.
 I suppose that might allow users to share the virtual box and also make
 maintaining it easier rather than having to add users to vboxusers.
 However i was wondering if it would be possible to exclude the root user
 folder /root from boot environments or maybe just /root/.VirtualBox and
 /root/VirtualBox\ VMs/. This way the VM's states and data could be
 preserved through each boot environment?

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