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Tue Oct 15 11:39:14 PDT 2013

#768: warden - wrong recognition of zfs-pool structure
 Reporter:  bammbr         |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect  |     Status:  new
 Priority:  trivial        |  Milestone:
Component:  System Tool    |    Version:  9.2-RELEASE
 Keywords:                 |
 root at corestation:~ # warden template create -fbsd 9.2-RELEASE -arch amd64
 -nick 92Ramd64
 Fetching jail environment. This may take a while...
 /usr/jails/.download/base.txz                 100% of   64 MB  812 kBps
 /usr/jails/.download/doc.txz                  100% of 1408 kB  662 kBps
 /usr/jails/.download/games.txz                100% of  866 kB  555 kBps
 /usr/jails/.download/lib32.txz                100% of   12 MB  786 kBps
 Creating ZFS /usr/jails/.warden-template-92Ramd64 dataset...
 cannot create 'coretankusr/jails/.warden-template-92Ramd64': no such pool
 ERROR: Failed creating ZFS base dataset


 root at corestation:~ # zfs list
 NAME                           USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
 coretank                      29.0G   428G  1.79G  /
 coretank/swap                 4.13G   430G  2.34G  -
 coretank/tmp                   122M   428G   122M  /tmp
 coretank/usr                  20.4G   428G  8.26G  /usr
 coretank/usr/home             8.89G   428G  8.89G  /usr/home
 coretank/usr/jails            79.2M   428G  79.2M  /usr/jails
 coretank/usr/ports            2.46G   428G   412M  /usr/ports
 coretank/usr/ports/distfiles  1.84G   428G  1.84G  /usr/ports/distfiles
 coretank/usr/ports/packages    223M   428G   223M  /usr/ports/packages
 coretank/usr/src               771M   428G   771M  /usr/src
 coretank/var                  2.56G   428G  2.33G  /var
 coretank/var/crash            31.5K   428G  31.5K  /var/crash
 coretank/var/db                181M   428G  96.2M  /var/db
 coretank/var/db/pkg           84.6M   428G  84.6M  /var/db/pkg
 coretank/var/empty              31K   428G    31K  /var/empty
 coretank/var/log               265K   428G   265K  /var/log
 coretank/var/mail             37.5K   428G  37.5K  /var/mail
 coretank/var/run                97K   428G    97K  /var/run
 coretank/var/tmp              52.1M   428G  52.1M  /var/tmp


 root at corestation:~ # pkg which `which warden`
 /usr/local/bin/warden was installed by package pcbsd-utils-1381336298


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