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#830: T410 - overhead problem (system temperature too high, shutting down soon)
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 Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  10-STABLE
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 Hey there!  Sorry to hear you are having problems.  There are many factors
 to consider about your computer.  Firstly were you using a UFS file system
 in 9?  ZFS is very memory intensive and could be increasing the heat
 output by the memory.  What it sounds like though this is more of a CPU
 cooling issue, since the issue seems to appear when you put it under load.

 Secondly do you have a windows partition you can test your temperature on?
 I'm curious to see the temperature difference after say playing a youtube
 video in high def for 20 minutes or so (between windows and PC-BSD).  If
 you need a way to check your temperature in windows google speedfan and
 download it.  It's a free utility that will give you a pretty accurate
 read out on all your temps.

 Lastly Lenovo dropped the ball on these laptops.  There is reportedly a
 serious design flaw with the cooling paste that was used that is causing
 overheating issues for all kinds of people on all kinds of OS's.  Please
 see the attached thread of angry customers who want replacements /


 So let me summarize what I would do if it was me having this issue:

 1.  Install a temporary windows partition and note the temperature.
 2.  Compare temperature with the temperature readings from PC-BSD
 3.  If temperature is over 85 - 90 C that is plenty hot enough in my
 opinion to call this an overheating issue regardless of what OS you use.
 4.  If you feel comfortable opening your laptop I would re-paste the CPU
 with arctic silver and replace the fan with a brand new one.  You can
 order a cheap laptop replacement fan from Ebay for under $10 usually.

 Please please please be careful letting your laptop run that hot.  I ran a
 computer service center for several years and in my experience anything
 over 90-100 c is enough to permanently damage a computer if left
 unchecked.  For instance every computer I own is set to shut off if it gos
 above 85 celsius.  I'm going to close this ticket since from my research I
 believe there is a 99% chance this is hardware related and not software.
 Best of luck.  Feel free to respond to this thread or send me an email @
 joshms at pcbsd.org


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