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#713: Standby, Suspend, Power Off, Shutdown Problems
 Reporter:  Eternal      |       Type:  System Defect
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  major
Milestone:               |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9.1-RELEASE  |   Keywords:  standby, suspend, power off,
                         |  shutdown
 I am using PCBSD 9.1 (amd64) on my computer.  The hardware listed for my
 computer is CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31225.  I use Gnome or LXDE for my
 desktop and it's worked well.  When I tried using KDE for the desktop it
 froze and I couldn't close windows I opened.  In order to logout of KDE I
 had to turn off the power to the computer because nothing else worked.
 When I check hardware compatibility in my PCBSD Control Panel everything
 has green checks.  I have the screen saver set and it works well.

 The problem is I would like to use Standby and Suspend on my computer to
 save power.  Every time I enable Power Management in the Screen Saver
 Preferences and the computer goes into Standby, Suspend, Power Off, or
 Shutdown the screen goes black and the light on the monitor button changes
 from blue to orange.  The tower might keep running like it would when I'm
 using the system because I can hear it and it’s warm but the monitor is
 black and the light on the monitor button is orange.

 When I try to use the computer again I either hit the space bar on the
 keyboard or push the power button on the tower.  No matter what I do the
 screen stays black and the monitor button stays orange.  I have to turn
 off the power to the computer, turn it back on, and let it boot before I
 can login and use the system.

 When I want the computer to turn off and the tower stop running the only
 thing that works is to use Hibernate.  If I try to logout and click
 Shutdown the computer the screen goes black but it never completely goes
 off like it does when I use Hibernate.  I can Restart the system and
 restarting has never been a problem.

 What can I do to fix the issues with Standby, Suspend, Power Off, and
 Shutdown?  I need to use these features but I can't rely on them.

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