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#706: EasyPBI fails (en-freebsd-doc and de-freebsd-doc)
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Changes (by kenmoore):

 * status:  new => closed
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 First, if you expect to get answers to general questions, you need to ask
 the questions on either the PC-BSD mailing lists or on the PC-BSD Forums.
 This is just a place for reporting and tracking bugs.

 It sounds like you are simply confused by what the PBI format is and how
 it is used. I would recommend reading through some of the documentation on
 the PBI format. If you are still confused after that, I would be glad to
 talk to you about it on the forums.

 As to the error that you posted at the bottom of your report, special
 characters (such as parentheses) are not allowed as part of the
 application name for a PBI.

 The updated error that you posted looks like you simply have the command
 mis-typed, I think the article.dvi file needs to come before the
 article.ps file in the command (since it says that "article.ps" is not a
 dvi file).

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