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#706: EasyPBI fails (en-freebsd-doc and de-freebsd-doc)
 Reporter:  mjollnirpaul  |       Type:  System Enhancement
   Status:  new           |   Priority:  major
Milestone:                |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:                |   Keywords:
 I could not download these as packages with portinstall (??? that's a bad
 joke) and compiling them from source was a (big) pain, because I had to
 change PACKAGESITE to use 9-stable (not 9.1-release) manually -- took me a
 day to find why and how -- and now freebsd-update -IDS says the whole
 system is out-of-date.  You guessed right that I'm not going to update
 myself and rely on your update-manager.  At least I could update the
 packages shown by portaudit (incl. flashplayer but except for ruby).
 Plus, these two ports (the docs) are not tender maintained, they depend on
 chinese fonts (that fail by default and take a lot of attention, seems to
 be a typical chinese mannerism) although I found no single chinese
 character in dem docs, man.

 => Current PC-BSD 9.x shall include a "Release Notes.txt" on the desktop
 and the root fs telling about the hacking of FreeBSD sites in late 2012
 and what to do to use packages & ports.
 => PC-BSD update-manager shall use portaudit internally and update
 affected ports -- if possible, use packages, if not, try unattended port
 => A local-only MTA shall be enabled by default.

 Ok the target audience of PC-BSD is the average non-nerd user, I agree w/
 that completely, but I guess in realitas it is mostly people already
 familiar w/ Unix coming from Linux, Solaris, or Mac, or other nerds coming
 from Windows who like to try BSD.  So IMHO the freebsd-doc shall be easily
 available as packages (not ports) in all translations (split, not all

 Then I started EasyPBI to supply the two ports as PBI.  It failed.
 Several questions rise up:

 I already have a freebsd base system (mostly unchanged) and the src tree
 (unchanged), why does EasyPBI download them again?
 => It would be enough to create a snapshot after/during install (I did
 that manually from within an xterm when the installer prompted me to
 reboot) that's a good idea anyway because newbies can quickly start over
 w/ a fresh system after they shot themselfes in the foot.
 => The same hold true after downloading & extracting src tree.

 I already built and installed these ports, why does EasyPBI do all that
 again?  It's PDFs and text files that can be copied!
 => EasyPBI needs to look of what type and where the target files are.

 How can I make architecture-independant packages and PBIs?  I'm definetely
 not going to do that again for all architectures, it's only data that can
 be copied.  All we have to agree upon is that all-arch packages/PBIs be
 delivered in network byte order and what to do w/ that is left up to the

 Then it builds a pre-desktop default system: compile Perl, CUPS, Xorg, TeX
 etc. pp. -- hopefully this will be saved for the next PBI (why do I need
 CUPS to create a PDF? I thought GS is enough for that).
 => If EasyPBI does not save reasonable common stages: it should ask me
 where to save stages that I might need again and let me start there next
 => Common stages e.g. X11, KDE, LXDE,... could be availabe for download.

 Maybe that's all a GIGO-problem, because the ports Makefiles are not
 maintained well (stale or broken dependencies as above, from copy&paste

 After all, it takes hours (days?) to make a PBI of files that should be
 available for download as precompiled package(s), which is not anyone's
 mistake, but the status quo.  Anyway, to say it polite, that's sub-
 Qt conversation started.
 Qt conversation finished.
 Getting regional mirror...
 Using mirror: http://www.mirrorservice.org/pub/pcbsd
 Fetching FreeBSD chroot environment... This may take a while...
           91 MB 1501 kBps
 rel-amd64.md5                                           33  B  466 kBps
           92 MB 1104 kBps
 Creating ZFS /usr/pbi/.pbi-world-amd64 dataset...
 Extracting rel-amd64.txz...
 Extracting src-amd64.txz...
 Cloning /usr/pbi/.pbi-world-amd64 ->
 cannot create 'tank0/usr/pbi/freebsddocumentation(english)-amd64.chroot':
 invalid character '(' in name
 pbi_makeport: Failed creating clean ZFS base snapshot
 Cleaning /usr/pbi/freebsddocumentation(english)-amd64.chroot

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