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Sat Feb 9 07:16:53 PST 2013

#692: PC-BSD Enhancement for VMWARE Player
 Reporter:  jdwarren     |       Type:  System Enhancement
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  trivial
Milestone:               |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9.0-RELEASE  |   Keywords:  VMWARE,Player, Tools, Video,
                         |  Driver, screen, resolution
 I like using VMWARE Player because it allows for directly opening the
 downloaded iso file when installing PC-BSD (very nice!).
 Nothing is perfect however (yet) and final installation can have issues
 with screen resolution (post # 7 still applies)

 Also VMWARE Tools do not install properly (see step 7) so a lot of extra
 work is needed to compile things.

 Also VMWARE video driver does not get installed with VMWARE tools and more
 work is needed to get it

 I propose that everything needed to support VMWARE player gets figured out
 in advance and included in iso installation file and have some GUI widget
 available to enable VMWARE support once PC-BSD is installed. This type of
 enhancement can improve users PC-BSD experience a lot when installing on a
 virtual machine.


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