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#691: PCBSD 9.1 - Bugginess experiences, so far
 Reporter:  GeeKen       |       Type:  System Enhancement
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  major
Milestone:  9.1          |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9.0-RELEASE  |   Keywords:
 9.1 is sure the closest thing we have had to a very useful PC platform.

 Love it, in principle !!


 The overall impression is one of periodic bugginess. The delays in
 operation set in as soon as the Internet browser is fired up, for example.

 Then both processors got up to 70%usage and nothing much happens - it
 locks up, a lot.

 Its almost like PC-BSD is a hackers delight, in that the machine is being
 taken over as soon as it goes online - - -

 At this point in time, 490 processes are typically running, but nothing is
 happening - the machine is stuck.

 Suddenly, after leaving it for an hour it may free up  - and then it runs
 normally. Using Firefox - or Opera has the same effects sometimes - but at
 different times. The difference between the bugginess in either of these
 Browsers is mainly that it will happen at different times - or under
 different circumstances.

 Firefox 18.01 runs great once this bugginess resolves, if it does.

 Hardware = HP Dual AMD 64, 6Gbyte DDR-2 Ram, .

 Btw, Gnome 2 is the most stable Desktop - I tried them all. Also it does
 some Power Management whereas the others are hopeless at Hard Disk

 I suggest specializing in setting up with Gnome 2, as Fuduntu have done.


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