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Thu Dec 12 14:38:15 PST 2013

#748: Slow boot - GRUB Takes 20 minutes to boot
  Reporter:              |      Owner:  Kris
  lordthrasher           |     Status:  new
      Type:  System      |  Milestone:
  Defect                 |    Version:  9.2-RELEASE
  Priority:  critical    |   Keywords:  grub, boot, slow, slow boot,
 Component:  System      |  loader, install, 9.2 release
  Configuration          |
Resolution:              |

Comment (by kris):

 I'm not sure its a band-aid, the scripts were doing some silly stuff like
 trying to query for the root device multiple times, which if they each
 take a while may really slow you down. In addition for each BE, it was
 doing another scan and trying to hit floppy disks also, which can hang the
 box a while.

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