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#861: sshd wont start because of hosts.allow and hosts.denyssh
 Reporter:  yggdrasil                            |      Owner:
     Type:  System Defect                        |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                                |  Milestone:
Component:  System Configuration                 |    Version:  9.2-RELEASE
 Keywords:  sshd ssh_exchange_identification     |
  Connection closed remote host                  |
 I ran into a problem running sshd on my machine with my 9.2-RELEASE. On
 earlier versions it was sufficient to add a pf rule, add sshd_enable="YES"
 to rc.conf.local and just service sshd start.
 In my current 9.2 install, I also had to remove the example hosts.allow
 and hosts.denyssh files in /etc for sshd to not disallow remote
 connections. Although hosts.denyssh is empty, with it outside connections
 would fail with a
 ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
 Without it everything works as expected.

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