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#678: PC-BSD 9.1 RC2 Install using ZFS fails to boot
  Reporter:  rhdinah        |      Owner:  kris
      Type:  System Defect  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major          |  Milestone:  9.1
 Component:  Installer      |    Version:  9.1-RC2
Resolution:                 |   Keywords:

Comment (by rhdinah):

 Replying to [comment:3 kris]:
 > Sounds like an issue possibly with the zfsboot loader... I'll do some
 additional testing here, but it may be hardware specific, since I just did
 the exact same install with RC2 on a laptop here and it worked fine. Did
 the disk previously have any other file-systems on it? How about if you
 choose the GPT option in Disk Configuration -> Advanced?
 I did a default ZFS install by using the graphical installer. As I
 mentioned it failed. But it piqued my interest ... I wondered if it was a
 ZFS-related problem. So I went to the advanced install options - UFS -
 next round. Surprisingly it worked. I did the install again using just the
 default install. Again it failed ... then I reinstalled the UFS version
 where it now sits.

 It originally was a brand new hard drive. Later it had Bodhi Linux on it.
 But between all the last few installs were only PC-BSD ... but I will try
 the GPT suggestion. At this time the hardware is sitting there waiting for
 the 9.1 Release ... since only this release fixes the T420 video rendering
 issues with 9.0. I still need to check to see if the audio is working ...
 will do that along with your idea. I can test with any changes that are
 made. As I mentioned this system is idle ... and it is much better to test
 this issue at the native hardware level than a virtual machine if it is

 I'm looking forward to a quality release 9.1 for my T420 ... seriously
 looking to use PC-BSD than Ubuntu Linux.

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