[Trac-bugs] [PC-BSD Trac] #666: PC-BSD 9.1 RC1 (and 9.0 stable) Won't Recognize GeForce 8400

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Sun Oct 7 13:00:17 PDT 2012

#666: PC-BSD 9.1 RC1 (and 9.0 stable) Won't Recognize GeForce 8400
 Reporter:  wmichaelb  |       Type:  System Defect
   Status:  new        |   Priority:  major
Milestone:             |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9.1-RC1    |   Keywords:  nVidia, video
 In a nutshell, I'm trying to boot the 9.1 RC1 install DVD; it's one I
 picked up at the Ohio Linux Fest at the BSD booth. I've tried two
 different mother boards and two different cards in the nVidia 8400GS
 series. One is by MSI and one by ASUS. The board layouts are different. A
 GeForce 200 series on another machine works fine, so it seems unique to
 this series. The system correctly identifies either card as nVidia, and
 then loads the nVidia driver. But when X starts up, the screen goes to a
 mish mash of colored squares and jagged patterns. Selecting the VESA
 driver at startup generates exactly the same result, so it may not be the
 nVidia driver itself. Kernel? Installer?

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