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Thu Jun 7 23:14:26 PDT 2012

#609: "Dim Display" power setting + VirtualBox inactivity = system hangs
 Reporter:  dacha        |       Type:  System Defect
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  major
Milestone:               |  Component:  System Tool
  Version:  9.0-RELEASE  |   Keywords:
 I have PC-BSD 9 running on VirtualBox 4.1.2_Ubuntu r38459 on an Ubuntu
 11.10 host, with the VirtualBox guest additions.

 After being inactive for some time (about 10 minutes), CPU usage jumps to
 100% and stays there, and all SSH sessions into my PC-BSD system freeze
 (input and output), so it looks like a system-wide problem. But when I
 move the mouse over the PC-BSD VirtualBox window, the CPU usage comes
 down, and the SSH sessions work again.

 I've also figured out how to work around this problem. If I start "PC-BSD
 control panel", then go to "System Settings", click "Power Management",
 select the "Power Profiles" tab on the left, and uncheck the "Dim Display"
 checkbox (which is checked by default), then it no longer happens.

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